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Profile 1-1000s of protein
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Unparalleled sensitivity
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Detecting biomarkers in the depths of the proteome

Despite significant progress over the past fifty years, much of the human plasma proteome remains undetectable by existing protein analysis technologies.

Providing the ability to detect changes in hundreds to thousands of protein biomarkers down to attomolar concentrations and across a wide dynamic range in a single 10uL sample, NULISA enables researchers to explore the proteome with unprecedented breadth and depth simultaneously in a high-throughput manner. Researchers can now transition seamlessly across their biomarker discovery and translation journey using the same platform with confidence. New insights from large cohorts and population studies will revolutionize our understanding of the human proteome and unlock its full potential for improving human health.

NULISA Limit of Detection

Accelerating biomarker development

Exciting therapeutic advancements are driving an increased need for biomarkers that enables earlier diagnosis and personalized medicine. Earlier detection of disease demands ultra-high sensitivity not attainable with existing technologies. NULISA has been designed from the ground up to break through the current limit of detection by dramatically reducing assay noise. With unprecedented sensitivity, high multiplexing and a fully-automated workflow, NULISA provides researchers with the power to discover, profile and validate clinically relevant protein biomarker for translation from discovery to the clinic.

Our precision proteomics platform will accelerate biomarker development for early detection and treatment of disease and unlock the promise of ultra-sensitive proteomic liquid biopsy assays.