with unrivaled sensitivity
and simplicity


with unrivaled sensitivity
and simplicity


with unrivaled sensitivity
and simplicity

NULISA™ Panels & Assays

Profile one to thousands of biomarkers from a single liquid biospsy sample.

ARGO™ HT System

Proteomics at the push of a button.


Unlocking the proteome with unparalleled sensitivity and dynamic range.

Uncovering Novel Protein Biomarkers

Despite significant progress in protein detection technologies over the past fifty years, much of the human plasma proteome remains undetectable by existing technologies. This limitation is due to the tradeoffs made by current proteomic analysis methods, which sacrifice either depth (sensitivity and dynamic range) or breadth (multiplex). 

With Alamar’s innovative NULISA™ technology, this long-standing challenge has finally been overcome. With the ability to deeply interrogate the proteome at attomolar sensitivity, even low-abundance proteins can now be detected.

Additionally, NULISA™ allows for the simultaneous measurement of changes in hundreds to thousands of protein biomarkers from a single sample, providing a breadth of data previously unattainable by existing technologies. This breakthrough is set to revolutionize our understanding of the human proteome and its role in health and disease.

Low abundant Protein Biomarkers require high sensitivity detection


Accelerating Biomarker Development

With unprecedented sensitivity, high multiplexing, and a fully automated workflow, NULISA provides researchers with the power to profile and validate clinically relevant protein biomarkers for translation from discovery to the clinic.

Our precision proteomics platform will transform the early detection and treatment of disease by unlocking the promise of ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy assays.


Unlocking the Proteome

Attomolar Sensitivity

Enables detection and quantification of low abundance targets leading to the discovery and validation of critical new protein biomarkers 

10 Logs of Dynamic Range

Supports quantification across a broad range of biological expression levels without dilution

Flexible, Multiplex Chemistry

Provides ability to focus on a single target or multiplex
100s to 1000s of targets in
a single experiment

Fully Automated

Offers ease of use and minimal hands-on time reducing the need for technical expertise


Proteomics at the Push of a Button

The ARGO™ System is a fully automated, high-throughput precision proteomics platform for ultra-high sensitivity analysis across a range of multiplex levels to support broad protein biomarker profiling and translation of validated biomarkers into clinical use. 

On-board computing and data analysis
Cartridge-based reagents capable of 3 consecutive runs
Bulk reagents allow up to 15 runs

ARGO HT Features

  • All-in-one instrument with integrated qPCR system takes you from sample to data or to pooled NGS library
  • Fully automated workflow with <30 min total hands-on time
  • High throughput capacity processes up to 288 samples per run
  • Rapid results in <8 hrs for single-plex assays and <15 hrs for multiplex NGS assays
  • Integrated software and data analysis transforms data into biological insights and publication-ready results

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.