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Detecting biomarkers in the depths of the proteome

Despite significant progress over the past 50 years, much of the human plasma proteome remains undetectable by existing protein analysis technologies. 

Alamar Biosciences is a proteomics company empowering researchers to interrogate the proteome with unprecedented breadth, depth, and high-throughput precision.  

With best-in-class attomolar sensitivity and up to 12-log dynamic range, NULISA technology enables accurate detection of highly multiplexed protein biomarkers from a 10 µl liquid biopsy specimen. 

Translational scientists can seamlessly and confidently transition across their biomarker discovery and validation journey using the same platform. New insights from large cohorts and population studies will revolutionize our understanding of the human proteome and unlock its full potential for improving human health. 

NULISA Limit of Detection

Accelerating biomarker development

Clinically relevant biomarkers that enable earlier disease diagnosis and personalized medicine require ultra-high sensitivity. NULISA breaks through the current detection limits by dramatically reducing the background noise often inherent to multiplex assay technologies. With unprecedented sensitivity, high multiplexing, and a fully automated workflow, NULISA expedites the discovery, profiling, and validation of clinically relevant, translatable protein biomarkers across the therapeutic development pipeline. 

Alamar Biosciences’ mission is to enable the earliest detection of disease by advancing precision proteomics. As a leading proteomics company, we provide cutting-edge solutions that empower researchers from academic institutions, core labs, biopharmaceutical, and biotech companies to push the boundaries of protein research. Our innovative approaches to proteomics analysis will accelerate your product development, enhance precision, and unlock groundbreaking discoveries.