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We are creating the most sensitive proteomics platform that can profile thousands of proteins simultaneously from as little as one microliter of plasma. Our fully automated, high throughput platform will unmask new biomarkers for early detection and prevention of common diseases and advance human health.


Following in the footsteps of genomics, proteomes will usher in a new era of precision health

Rapid advances in genomics in the last twenty years have spearheaded a new paradigm of precision medicine. However, the genome provides only a static blueprint for how the body functions, while the diverse and dynamic functions of the body are carried out by the proteome, the full set of proteins in each cell. The proteome is much more complex than the genome and is constantly changing as a function of various stimuli and health and disease states.

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Human blood plasma contains more than 10,000 proteins.


Finding Answers Hidden in Biomarkers

An even greater revolution in healthcare will likely come from advances in proteomic analysis. In particular, the human plasma proteome, the complete set of proteins in human blood, has long been recognized as a gold mine of health and disease biomarkers. 

There are estimated to be more than 10,000 protein species in human plasma, however, due to the low abundance and wide dynamic range of these proteins in the plasma, most of the plasma proteome has remained inaccessible with current technologies.


The Future of Precision Proteomic Analysis

Alamar Biosciences’ mission is to transform the field of proteomics for early detection of cancer and other diseases. Our team of innovators previously created RNAscope, the world’s most sensitive RNA in situ detection technology, the gold standard in spatial genomics.

We have now applied our deep insights into how to maximize signal-to-noise ratio and the latest advances in genomics to create the most sensitive proteomics platform capable of profiling 1000s of proteins simultaneously in as little as one microliter of plasma.

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Our fully automated, high-throughput precision proteomics platform will pave the way to discovering the deepest secrets of the proteome. It has the potential to fulfill the promise of the human plasma proteome to transform healthcare with a new wave of biomarkers for early detection and prevention of common diseases.


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