Alamar Biosciences partners with Abcam to drive understanding of the human proteome

Alamar selects Abcam as a key provider of antibody content for its proprietary NULISA
technology platform

Fremont, CA, US and Cambridge, UK – 04 January 2022 – Alamar Biosciences (Alamar), a platform
company focused on transforming the field of proteomics to enable the early detection of cancer and
other diseases, and Abcam (AIM:ABC; NASDAQ:ABCM), a global innovator in life sciences research
tools, today announced a strategic partnership to further understanding of the human proteome.
The field of proteomic analysis is in the spotlight. Its advance not only enhances the understanding of
fundamental biology, but also sheds light on the status of human health and disease. A deeper
understanding of the proteome is set to play a crucial role in enabling the next wave of innovations in
research, diagnostics and therapeutics. Powering this effort requires new technology platforms that
are able to address the two essential goals in proteomic analysis, namely the ability to go as deeply as
possible to detect very low abundance proteins and the ability to profile thousands of proteins in a
single sample.

Dr. Yuling Luo, Founder & CEO of Alamar, commented: “Alamar is working to enable the early
detection of cancer and other diseases by simultaneous measurement of hundreds to thousands of
targets, even those present in minute amounts. We are very happy to partner with Abcam to access
their extensive portfolio of recombinant monoclonal antibody pairs, which will accelerate our ability to
bring our proteomic discovery tools to researchers.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Alamar as they develop an automated proteomics platform that
has the potential to offer unprecedented combination of sensitivity, plex-level and dynamic range,”
commented Dr. Emma Sceats, SVP Sales, Service and Business Development at Abcam. “The NULISA
technology platform will provide an important tool for life science research, pharmaceutical
development and diagnostics, enhancing understanding of the circulating proteome and supporting
low abundance biomarker discovery. Such capability will be critical for the discovery and measurement
of many proteins in human plasma and other samples that are currently undetectable.”

Abcam’s portfolio of over 1,300 fit-for-purpose recombinant antibody pairs is actively curated to
ensure that it is representative of the key disease areas of interest. Designed to enhance biomarker
discovery and support deeper understanding of the circulating proteome, the portfolio has been
prevalidated specifically for multiplex applications.

About Alamar Biosciences
Alamar Biosciences is a privately held life sciences company with a mission to transform the field of
proteomics to enable the early detection of cancer and other diseases. The company’s two proprietary
technology platforms, NULISA™ and Attobody™, work seamlessly with the latest advances in genomics
to achieve single-digit attomolar detection sensitivity, greatly surpassing the most sensitive protein
detection technology on the market today. The Attobodies have picomolar affinity and built-in high
specificity and have the potential to expand antibody therapeutics to many targets intractable with
conventional antibodies. For more information, please visit

About Abcam plc
As a global life sciences company, Abcam identifies, develops, and distributes high-quality biological
reagents and tools that are crucial to research, drug discovery and diagnostics. Working across the
industry, the Company supports life scientists to achieve their mission, faster.
Abcam partners with life sciences organizations to co-create novel binders for use in drug discovery,
in vitro diagnostics and therapeutics, driven by the Company’s proprietary discovery platforms and
world-leading antibody expertise.
By constantly innovating its binders and assays, Abcam is helping advance the global understanding
of biology and causes of disease, which enables new treatments and improved health. The Company’s
pioneering data-sharing approach gives scientists increased confidence in their results by providing
validation, user comments and peer-reviewed citations for its 90,000 products.
With 14 sites globally, many of Abcam’s over 1,600-strong team are located in the world’s leading life
sciences research hubs, complementing a global network of service and support.
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