Mologic and Alamar Biosciences collaborate to develop a next generation COVID-19 antigen test

• Mologic leverages Alamar’s ultra-high affinity antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics
• Partnership will facilitate rapid responses to future pandemics

Bedfordshire, UK and Fremont, CA, US – 4 May 2022 – Alamar Biosciences (Alamar), a platform
company focused on transforming the field of proteomics to enable the early detection of cancer
and other diseases, and Mologic, Ltd. (Mologic), part of the recently formed social enterprise Global
Access Health and a leading developer of lateral flow and rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), today
announced a collaboration to utilize Alamar’s novel antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid (N)
protein for Mologic’s future COVID-19 RDTs.

Easy-to-use and cost-effective RDTs are a key tool for controlling the spread of COVID-19, including
in low resource settings. Mologic has already launched a COVID-19 antigen test (“COVIOS” for
personal self-testing) based on its lateral flow assay technology, utilizing high affinity, paired
antibodies specific for the SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotein antigen. Second generation tests with even
greater sensitivity are now in development leveraging the latest generation of engineered antibodies
with ultra-high affinity, discovered through Alamar’s proprietary Attobody™ platform, together with
Mologic’s novel electronic lateral flow immunoassay (eLFIA) technology.

Professor Paul Davis, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder of Mologic, said “We are very pleased
with the increased sensitivity attainable with Alamar antibodies, especially in view of the speed with
which they can be developed. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to create the road
map for unprecedented speed of response to new pandemic threats of whatever origin. Fast-track
discovery and deployment of antibodies with the highest possible affinity and specificity will be the
central pillar of this new Pandemic Preparedness, very much aligning with Mologic’s mission to
better enable humanity to cope with the long-term presence of COVID-19.”

Dr. Yuling Luo, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Alamar, commented: “Rapid and highly sensitive
COVID-19 detection will remain an essential global health challenge in the coming years, and we
must learn from the global COVID-19 experience to ensure a better, robust Pandemic Preparedness.
We are excited to continue working with Mologic to meet these needs.”

Alamar’s proprietary Attobody™ platform produces a highly diverse pool of antibodies with single
digit picomolar affinity and exquisite specificity. Compared to traditional antibody engineering, the
Attobody platform deploys an accelerated antibody design and engineering process to generate
novel antibodies without the need for affinity maturation.

About Alamar Biosciences, Inc.
Alamar Biosciences is a privately held life sciences company with a mission to transform the field of
proteomics to enable the early detection of cancer and other diseases. The company’s two
proprietary technology platforms, NULISA™ and Attobody™, work seamlessly with the latest
advances in genomics to achieve single-digit attomolar detection sensitivity, greatly surpassing the
most sensitive protein detection technology on the market today. The Attobodies have picomolar
affinity and built-in high specificity and have the potential to expand antibody therapeutics to many
targets intractable with conventional antibodies. For more information, please visit

About Mologic, Ltd.
Mologic is a leading developer of advanced lateral flow and rapid diagnostic technologies.
Leveraging its core technology platforms, the Company is structured as a social enterprise, working
with international organizations across many disease targets, to help deliver fast, reliable and
affordable diagnostics globally, at the point-of-care. The creativity, insight and knowledge that led to
the first ground-breaking testing inventions in pregnancy and women’s health have guided Mologic
since its formation in 2003, underpinning many of the organization’s existing and future innovations.
Mologic is headquartered in Bedford in the United Kingdom and has a US subsidiary, Mologic Inc.
situated in New Gloucester, Maine (