NULISAseq™ CNS Disease Panel 120

Robust Profiling of CNS Disease
at the Lowest Limit of Detection


from as little as
10uL of sample


to measure proteins
at fg/mL levels


to see biomarkers
other technologies miss

12 logs
Dynamic Range

without dilution


with <10% intra- and
inter-plate CV

The identification of informative protein biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders is critical to the development of better therapeutic options and improved patient outcomes. Highly sensitive, multiplexed analysis of both neuro-specific proteins and the inflammatory response from plasma and CSF provides scientists the power to detect important biomarkers such as pTau-217, GFAP and alpha-synuclein, as well as measure changes in the key inflammatory pathways. The NULISASeq™ CNS Disease Panel 120 provides robust analysis of ~120 proteins to support protein biomarker discovery and validation studies.

Read the seminal NULISA publication in Nature Communications

NULISA: A Novel Proteomic Liquid Biopsy Platform With Attomolar Sensitivity And High Multiplexing

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Profile ~120 biomarkers of CNS Disease from a single 10µl sample.

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