We reinvent immunoassays with unparalleled sensitivity and engineer picomolar affinity antibodies by design.

Despite over half a century of progress in protein detection technologies, much of the human plasma proteome remains invisible and inaccessible to current technologies.

Addressing this long-standing challenge requires developing a technology that can interrogate the proteome deeply with ultra-high sensitivity to detect very low abundance proteins, and broadly with the ability to measure hundreds to thousands of proteins in parallel in a single sample in a high-throughput manner.

The current state-of-the-art methods of proteomic analysis all make tradeoffs sacrificing either depth or breadth. 

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Alamar Biosciences’ two breakthrough technologies work together to meet this challenge.


Ultra-high Sensitivity + Massive Parallel Scale

NULISA™ Our NUcleic acid-Linked Immuno-Sandwich Assay platform reinvents the immunoassay by leveraging our proprietary signal-to-noise ratio enhancement technology and the latest advances in Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) to provide both ultra-high sensitivity and massively parallel scale to proteomic analysis.

"Real-world assay sensitivity requires more than just single molecule detection."


Improving on Nature's Selection

Attobody™ Our novel antibody engineering platform consists of a proprietary design framework and an efficient discovery process that yields picomolar affinity antibodies with  built-in high specificity.

  • Higher success rate due to expanded druggable epitope coverage
  • Enhanced efficacy
  • Higher target selectivity
  • Tackling intractable targets such as GPCR and Ion channel
  • Can be directly used for CAR-T and bispecific therapeutics
alamar bio

By combining NULISA and Attobody together, our platform can achieve single-digit attomolar detection limit, greatly surpassing the most sensitive protein detection technology on the market today. This lays a new foundation for precision proteomics with the potential to transform healthcare.

Uncover new biomarkers

Early Detection and Prevention of Diseases

The unprecedented sensitivity and high multiplexing will uncover powerful new biomarkers that are hidden today and enable a new generation of precision diagnostics for the early detection of cancer and other common diseases. Eventually, this technology could lead to prevention of these diseases through comprehensive health monitoring.

Enable novel Immunotherapies

Antibody Therapeutics

The high affinity and specificity of Attobodies can be leveraged to develop highly selective and efficacious targeted therapeutics.  This expands antibody therapeutics to many intractable targets such GPCRs and ion channels as well as enabling novel immunotherapies.