Improving on Nature's Selection

Our novel antibody engineering platform, Attobody™, consists of a proprietary design framework and an efficient discovery process that yields optimized bi-paratopic nanobodies consisting of two variable domains of single heavy chain (VHH) antibodies.

Enhanced efficacy and target selectivity

Bi-paratropic binding and binder optimization drive high affinity and specificity


Tunable half-life allows for flexibility target affinity

success rates

Expanded epitope diversity and a greater number of biomarkers and diagnostic targets

development times

Simpler manufacturing shortens development times

Detecting Novel Biomarkers

The Attobody platform enables the development of highly specific and sensitive detection reagents for challenging targets that lack quality off-the-shelf antibodies.  Combining Attobody reagents with the NULISA assay platform will enable a new generation of precision diagnostics for the early detection of cancer and other common diseases.

To high affinity and beyond for biotherapeutics

An advertorial in Nature on the Attobody technology.

Interested in how Attobodies are being used for therapeutic development? Visit Attovia to learn more.

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.